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Beneficial for a Wide Range of Patients

Cardiac rehab is open to a variety of patients with a provider’s referral. You may be a candidate if you’ve had a heart-related event, such as a heart attack, or have a cardiac condition, such as heart failure or angina (chest pain). You may also be eligible after undergoing heart surgery or a heart transplant.

Participating in cardiac rehab can help reduce chest pain and other symptoms, and it also lowers your risk for future cardiac events. In addition, cardiac rehab can boost your fitness and energy, improve your mood, and make it easier to go about your daily routine. 

 Healthier Heart

Cardiac rehab at River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers hope, healing and tools for a healthier future following a heart attack or heart surgery. 

Our Phase II Program

We offer a Phase II cardiac rehab program. That means you’ll participate on an outpatient basis after being discharged from the hospital.

Cardiac rehab takes place in our Live Well Fitness Center, where you’ll work with a physician, registered nurse, exercise physiologist, dietitian, pharmacist and social worker to improve your heart health. As part of your personalized plan, you’ll gradually enhance your strength and stamina while exercising under the supervision of members of the cardiac rehab team. Along the way, our team will share valuable information about your diagnosis and steps you can take to benefit your heart.

Help for the Future

A key goal of cardiac rehab is helping you feel better in the short term by reducing symptoms, improving your confidence and attitude, and making everyday activities easier. Importantly, our program also helps protect your heart in the long run.

Your heart can have a healthier future, and our cardiac rehab team can help you achieve it. In our program, you’ll learn about the importance of physical activity and how to exercise safely. You’ll also find out how to make healthy changes to your diet, manage stress and follow your provider’s treatment plan. We can’t wait to meet you and get started.

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Strengthen Your Heart, Regain Your Confidence

A heart-related illness, event or surgery can leave you wondering how to move forward—and what you can do to protect your heart in the future. That’s where cardiac rehab at River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic comes in.

Cardiac rehab is a program of medically supervised exercise and heart-health education. During your time in the program, you’ll improve your ability to participate in physical activity—not to mention your confidence in doing so—and learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of additional heart problems.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

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