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Preparing for Your Mammogram

Whether you’re having your first or tenth mammogram, River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic makes the experience comfortable and provides accurate results you can trust.

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Breast cancer can show up without any signs or symptoms. Early detection with an annual mammogram is your best protection. 

As a Softer Mammogram Provider®, River's Edge Hospital offers screenings that feature a soft MammoPad® breast cushion to help make the process much more gentle and a lot less stressful. With advanced digital technology, including 2D and 3DI mammography and ultrasound, our compassionate team makes your health and comfort our top priorities every time.

Not sure when to start your mammogram routine? We’ve got you covered. If you’re 40 to 44, the American Cancer Society (ACS) says you should talk to your doctor about your risk factors for breast cancer and find out if starting annual mammograms now is right for you. Once you’re 45, the ACS recommends that you have a mammogram every year, continuing until at least age 54. From age 55 on, you should have a mammogram every one to two years—as long as you're in good health.  

These tips can help you make sure you're prepared for your mammogram at River's Edge Hospital.

  • Skip cosmetics. Substances such as deodorants, perfumes, lotions and powders can show up on the mammogram. 
  • Know your schedule. Schedule your mammogram when you're not on your period. Your breasts are more tender during your period.
  • Dress for success. A two-piece outfit makes it easier to undress from the waist up. 
  • Be jewelry-free. Rings are OK, but leave earrings and necklaces home. 
  • Be careful with caffeine. That cup of coffee can make your breasts more sensitive.